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About Alice

Alice Bradley is a singer-songwriter and musician based in Asheville, NC. Songwriting for her is a way to commune with the inner landscape of the psyche and to connect with nature as a source of nourishment. She is interested in eco-psychology and in creativity as a re-belonging process. Alice sees songwriting a way to grow words past the point of logic into catharsis. Her songs often pair a meandering storyline or musing with imagery and sensations that arise from memories or the subconscious.


Alice's original songs are most often written on guitar, although she also plays banjo and is inspired by old-time fiddle tunes. Growing up in the Northeast, Alice grew up singing in choirs and playing piano. She began songwriting after she picked up a banjo on a road trip to Tennessee when she was 22. 


Alice's first album, "Chicken Scratch Love Letter," was recorded in Ojai, CA and released in 2020. A lyric from "Looking Glass," one of the songs on the album, touches on the essence of the collection: "The mind thinks it must borrow today from tomorrow // stone weary and teary the creek bed draws near me // and seems to disagree, a certain kind of certainty."  Alice's friends from Heirloom Collective and Quail Springs Permaculture added fiddle, mandolin, vocal harmonies, bass, and guitar to the album tracks. These layers of collaboration give the album a shimmering, full quality while still maintaining its acoustic, homegrown sound.


Alice is thrilled to be releasing a second album in 2024.

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